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G'Day! I'm the owner of Ockerisms.
I was working as an Educator in Outside School Hours Care in Sydney, and saw a need for Primary age children to learn more about Aussie Culture and language. This was especially true of children whose first language at home was not English. The children I cared for (including children who spoke English at home), had little knowledge of Australia’s flora and fauna. There was definitely a need for a play-based learning activity to assist these Aussie Kids with belonging, being, becoming a part of our Aussie community. I also felt it was a shame more wasn’t being done to keep our colourful, wonderful (G rated) colloquialisms and slang terms alive and in use – so I developed the JUNIOR OCKERISMS game. Initially, it was part of a major project for my Diploma in Children's Services and took two years to complete. After that, I created a PG version of the game - a souvenir for tourists (16 yrs+).

I retired and moved to Port Macquarie. The OCKERISMS souvenir proved very popular with tourists at the local Artist Market.

The A3 size products (laminated 250 gm card stock) can be used as a game or souvenir or as one customer who bought two revealed - as placemats for the caravan belonging to his Grey Nomad parents! 

The larger vinyl playmat size and the floormat size of the Junior Ockerisms game are perfect for Outside School Hours Care as they are printed  onto thick, hard-wearing vinyl and will last as new for many years.

The playmat is also suitable for use in an aged care setting, as it is full of Australiana, and is the type of game that inspires memories and discussion.

                                        OCKERISMS' GAMES/SOUVENIRS - Exploring Aussie Humour, Fun                                           and Adventure the True Blue Ocker Way! Produced in Australia                                                 and Australian owned and lovin' it!


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